Preparing for Use

When fully charged, remove the handset from the charging station and remove the cap.

Prepare the Electro Buds to be inserted into each of the 4 probes:

Remove an Electro Bud from its protective packaging.

Hold the Electro Bud with the coloured ring tip upwards.

Bend the coloured ring tip until the bud tip snaps off.

The serum will release and flow to the opposite cotton bud tip.

Hold the plastic stem and gently bend by approx 45° degrees. This prevents Electro Buds from falling out of the probes when inserted.

Once the serum has completely filled the cotton bud tip, insert the Electro Bud into one of the probes

Repeat steps for the other probes.

When Electro Buds have been inserted to all 4 probes, press and hold the Power button on the handset until the LCD display comes on.