The following directions indicate how to operate the handset:

NOTE: The LCD backlight will illuminate for approximately 5 seconds each time a button is pressed.

Pressing the Power Button at any time enables you to reset your selections.

To Select Treatment Program

Press the PROG to select the desired treatment program.

The following programs are displayed



Repeatedly pressing the PROG button enables you to toggle back and forth between programs. The selected program will flash on the LCD screen

To Select Treatment Intensity

Press the MODE button to select the desired intensity level

The following intensity levels are displayed:

L (Low)

M (Medium)

H (High)

Repeatedly pressing the MODE button enables you to toggle back and forth between intensity levels. The selected intensity level will flash on the LCD screen.


NOTE: Use a L (Low) or M (Medium) intensity for the first 4 treatments.

If the intensity level is comfortable use the H (High) setting for the remaining treatments but remember to reduce intensity when working around the eyes.

To Start the Treatment Program

Press the Start button to start the treatment program.

The Clock icon will begin to flash and the 5 minute Countdown Timer will commence.

Refer to Treatment Guide for details of how to perform the treatment.

Audible ‘BEEPS’ will commence shortly after all 4 probes are in contact with the skin. This indicates the system is working and electrical impulses are being delivered. (Refer to Troubleshooting if ‘BEEPS’ are not heard).

NOTE: If the Countdown Timer runs out before completing the treatment reselect the Treatment Program and perform the remaining steps.

To Pause The Treatment Program

To pause during treatment press the Start Button twice in rapid succession. Press again to re-start.

To Stop/Reset The Treatment Program

Press the Power Button once

To Switch the System Off

Hold down the Power Button until the LCD screen turns off.

To Switch the System On

Hold down the Power Button until the LCD screen switches on

NOTE : The CACI Microlift automatically switches off after 3 minutes when not in use